The Consortium for Research on Agroecosystem Monitoring and Modeling from Space (CREAMS) is an inter-disciplinary research initiative of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and coordinated by its Division of Agricultural Physics. It undertakes research and builds capacity in using remote sensing, agro-meteorology and agro-models for qualitative and quantitative assessment of crops and crop environment from field to regional scale in India. Through this portal, CREAMS brings some of the scientific products to the decision makers for taking informed decisions.

The initiative is supported financially by in-house project and ICAR funded NICRA project. CREAMS operates its own X & L-band satellite ground station to receive direct broadcast remote sensing images from a range of international satellite constellation. Besides, it has a state-of-art geo-spatial laboratory with high-end computer workstations, large network attached storage and latest image processing/GIS software for archiving and analysis of data.

 Latest Rainfall Situation Maps 

             Periodic                                                               Seasonal        SPI Perodic KharifSPI Seasonal Kharif



 Latest Satellite Images  

Metop1 daily_FCC (2017-10-19, 03:18:13 GMT)  S-NPP rgb (2017-10-18, 07:01:09 GMT)